Adult work

I remember I was in Atlantic City a couple of years ago with a couple of buddies of mine. All we wanted to do was a gamble, get drunk and have the best time we could. But boy oh boy! It did not go as planned at all. We started the night by playing some cards, and then out of nowhere my friends decided to hire an escort for me. It had indeed been a while since I had been in the game; I had broken up with my girlfriend a couple of months ago and had not been with a woman since. My friends knew that and wanted me to ‘get back on the wagon’, so they told me to go and wait in the room. I did so.

The escort was right on time. She knocked, and I opened, she walked in and introduced herself. She obviously used a fake name. Most escorts use a fake name to keep their private life separate from the professional side of their lives. I thought of telling her that I could not go through with this, but she was incredibly lovely. I would never hire an escort for myself though, but since my friends did this, I thought why not enjoy myself while on vacation. I actually talked to her about myself, and she reciprocated, we got to know each other a little bit. After an hour or so we were kissing. She later undressed me and complimented me about my body. She took off my underwear and put a condom on my penis. She literally took care of me and did all the work. I liked the feeling of being taken care of. It made me feel special. She was gentle with me and rough when the moment as well.

She was a professional indeed, and she knew what she was doing. I have to agree that it was one of the best sexual experiences of my life. I even fulfilled some of my sexual fantasies with her. I did clear them with her, and she was completely okay with them.

After everything was done, she even helped me clean up the bed kissed me goodnight. She didn’t even say a word about the money, and I totally forgot to ask her. I later assumed my friends had paid her beforehand, which was indeed the case. I called her agency later on and thanked her for the most wonderful night, and she did the same. I am happy that she enjoyed herself as well. I made sure to be a gentleman and treated her well; that’s how escorts need to be treated. If they are treated well, they will surely make sure you get your money’s worth.