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My Escort Experience – Antiquante Experience Guide

I remember I was in Atlantic City a couple of years ago with a couple of buddies of mine. All we wanted to do was a gamble, get drunk and have the best time we could. But boy oh boy! It did not go as planned at all. We started the night by playing someContinue reading

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It is a very common thing to have a crush on celebrities. Most of the celebrities look really great as their profession demands them to be. With a perfect body and the killer looks it will be really easy for them to draw attention. The predominant men tend to have a lot of dreams whenContinue reading

International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers

This day, like many other days like International Sex Workers’ Day, is celebrated by sex workers and is dedicated to them. The day is observed on December 17. The places where the day is celebrated experience statewide protests & activities by sex workers, their advocates, families, friends, & allies. It originally began as a memorialContinue reading